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SensAqua AS is developing, producing and marketing measuring systems suitable for remote and automatic to monitor heavy metals in water, effluents and for surveillance of industrial processes. More info in this pamphlet; in English, in Chinese, in Czech, in Polish or in Norwegian.
We have the following categories of products and services:
  • A basic system to measure heavy metals voltammetrically using patented solid electrodes with alloys specially developed in our R&D Department. This is a bench model not including any unit for automation.

  • Automatic systems for remote and automatic monitoring of heavy metals.

  • Complete systems as field stations, if wanted such systems can additionally be supplied with other sensors for automatic monitoring of parameters like pH, conductivity, water level etc.

  • Forrowing up, maintainance and training programmes are also supplied.

  • As SensAqua AS is the only company to offer systems for remote monitoring heavy metals, contractors who want to participate in tenders of remote monitoring systems can be granted our supply of units for remote monitoring heavy metals. This can be done exclusively or non-exclusively according to an agreement.

Remote Sensing in Aquatic Systems

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